A Christmas content gift for Frank’s Red Hot

I’m a big fan of Frank’s Red Hot – I put that sh*t on everything. Not only do I enjoy the sauce, but I’ve really enjoyed their past commercials as well. The brand’s got a great personality that seems consistent with the product and it all works in complete alignment as far as I can tell.

So, being in the holiday spirit, here’s a small content gift to Frank’s. It’s not what most would consider content – a blog post, whitepaper, video, etc. – it’s an entirely different type of content. The content is the contents of every Frank’s Red Hot bottle applied.

Imagine a pop-up restaurant (naturally called Frank’s) where every single item on the menu is made with Frank’s Red Hot – even the drinks – and each patron gets to take home a small cook booklet (or maybe it’s the menu itself) detailing how each item was prepared, not to mention the opportunity to buy the sauce itself! For those already big fans of the sauce, it would create immediate buzz and business by giving those fans new ideas, not to mention the specific instructions, on how to use it. For those not yet familiar with the sauce, it would create awareness for the different ways Frank’s can be used in the kitchen (and bar). If you could find a brand name chef who’s a fan, it would drive awareness in both segments even more. It’s a win win for everyone.

So Merry Christmas Frank’s! I’m already looking forward to my Christmas dinner, where I’ll be putting that sh*t on everything.