The List: best-in-class content marketing examples and resources

In my travels I’m often asked to provide examples of best-in-class content marketing and sources of information/guidance on how to “do” content marketing.

As a result, and for a while now, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for good case studies to share and good books/resources to recommend. So, without further ado, here’s my list – enjoy!

[As a side note, you'll notice that this list is heavily skewed to financial services - not because the category has cornered the market on this stuff but because that's the industry I'm in. Regardless, though, the companies mentioned below still demonstrate the principles of good content marketing: knowing their competitive advantage, addressing lower and higher order needs, and publishing themes and topics that reinforce their advantage and address the needs.]

Best in Class Examples

Toyota video

Financial Services (retail bank based in Singapore) (by Sunlife) (by Credit Suisse) (B2B) (by TD)

Technology (by SAP)

Consulting (by Cap Gemini)

Other B2C

Epic Content Marketing, Pullizzi
Content Rules, Handly, Chapman
Inbound Marketing, Halligan
Youtility, Baer
The Challenger Sale (there’s also a site called Challenger marketing which has a great case from Xerox about leveraging higher order needs:

Inbound Hub – Marketing
The Content Strategist
Ann Handly – content Marketing
Content Marketing (Forbes)
Content Marketing Institute
Heidi Cohen
Inbound Hub – Insiders
Marketo marketing blog
Social media today
Marketing profs
Openview weekly