About me

“Write about what you know,” they say, and my business knowledge has been growing over the past 20 years of my career.

Over that time I’ve worked with some of the largest (RBC Global Asset Management) and most innovative (LEVEL5 Strategy Group) companies in Canada; I’ve been on the “client” side and “consultant” side; spent time in a variety of sectors (financial and professional services, technology, health care) with both large and small companies; taken on a variety of roles (mostly marketing-related but also sales, project management, competitive research, finance, product management); studied a bunch of different areas (business, journalism, Buddhism, and mindfulness); and worked for others as well as myself. It’s been not just a career but a journey of self discovery (check out my LinkedIn profile for more details).

In a nutshell: I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t for many different types of companies, I’ve learned a ton from many different people within those organizations, I’ve learned a lot from my own journey, and I want you to gain from that experience.

So here’s what I know and what I write about:

  • Making effective career decisions in an environment defined by too much choice
  • Developing brand strategy and using it as a tool to manage, not just market, your business for profitable growth
  • Creating and executing content strategy to grow your brand awareness and bottom-line sales
  • Applying the principles of Buddhism and mindfulness in a corporate setting to help achieve high performance and reduce the suffering caused by the inherent nature of that corporate environment
  • Reflecting on popular sayings and quotes to determine whether they’re helpful and words to live by or better off forgotten

The purpose of this blog is to give that knowledge and those best-in-class practices to you, to “help your dreams grow more profitable”. It’s ideally suited for entrepreneurs and leaders of small to medium size companies, but anyone can benefit who has a need.

As for me, when I’m not working, I’m:

  • Raising two young kids with my ever-loving wife
  • Studying the martial art of aikido
  • Reading and writing fiction and non-fiction books (my creative non-fiction book about the intersection of Buddhism, psychology, business, and physics, The Buddha’s i, is now available on Kindle), and
  • Seeking one unique and valuable idea.

I’m always open to feedback but found I was getting too much spam so I disabled my comments and now it’s best to reach me through LinkedIn. Otherwise I hope you enjoy this blog and learn a ton of things that will help your dreams grow even more profitable.